St. Clement Catholic Church, Chicago, IL

St. Clement Catholic Church in Chicago is a superstar in my book. Why? They have an entire webpage devoted to their bells.

Gabriel Mayhugh, director of liturgy, gave me the behind-the-scenes tour so I could see the bells up close and hear them in action.

First, the computer that rings the bells automatically multiple times throughout the day, including the Angelus at noon and 6 p.m. Chimemaster installed this system.

St. Clement Catholic Church

Next, a former chiming mechanism.

St. Clement Catholic Church

And one of the four fine bells themselves (not sure who cast them, maybe Stuckstede in St. Louis, Missouri?).

St. Clement Catholic Church

And now the bells in full peal.

Gabe described how the bells were loved by the neighborhood–a wonderful example of bells thriving in its institutional and broader community. Thanks, Gabe, for the tour!

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