Kimberly Schafer, Founder and Partner

Kim Schafer, Founder and Partner, is a dedicated bell performer, researcher, and advocate. She has performed on the carillon, a tower bell instrument, since a college student while in residence at universities across the country and in recital in the United States and Europe. She persuaded St. Chrysostom’s Episcopal Church in Chicago to ring their bells again, and she currently plays there regularly for Sunday services. She studied bell instruments as part of her musicological dissertation research, and she now serves as the editor-in-chief of the Bulletin, the scholarly journal of the Guild of Carillonneurs in North America. Her growing interest in bells has led her to consulting and advocacy: she promotes the beautiful sound, rich associations, and potential of bells and bell instruments in North America.

Dan Frysinger, partner

Dan Frysinger, Partner, is an innovation consultant who advises global organizations on building innovation programs by setting program strategy, engaging stakeholders, running strategically-aligned innovation activities, and proving their return-on-investment. He learned carillon at the University of Michigan, where he also developed a marketing plan for the carillon program. Dan is passionate about helping champions of community engagement and culture development at churches, universities, and cities to leverage the unique cultural assets in their bells so they can engage, promote, and strengthen their communities.

Jim Fackenthal, contracts specialist

Jim Fackenthal, Contracts Specialist, is a cancer researcher and Associate Professor of Biology at Benedictine University in Lisle, IL. He also works as a carillon player at the Millennium Carillon in Naperville, IL, and St. Chrysostom’s Episcopal Church in Chicago, IL. Jim began his carillon studies at the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY, then played the carillons at Indiana University and the University of Chicago for many years. He continues to perform as a guest recitalist on carillons throughout North America. As a member of the Guild of Carillonneurs in North America, Jim has served on the board of directors, as co-editor of the guild newsletter, and as a juror on examination and scholarship committees.