Our Values and Promises

Our Values

Efficiency and Transparency—We strive to educate our clients on the history and technology of bells, so they can make informed decisions about repairing, installing, and ringing them. At the same time, we aim to be efficient in our interactions with our clients so that they can focus less on the irrelevant details of bells and more on using them to further their own institutional agenda.

Appreciation of History—We value the cultural history of bells and the individual histories of bells within their home institutions. We respect the history of tower bell ringing within a particular tradition and honor it in our recommendations for repair and use.

Love of Beautiful Sound—We cherish the rich sound of bells. Bell sounds can range from the merely functional to sublimely musical, and we respect the different histories and functions of each. We strive to obtain and showcase the best sounds from a bell’s particular ringing tradition.

Our Promises

We promise to advance knowledge of bells

  • We promise to share our knowledge of bell technology and history with clients. We will share our knowledge of bell technology to demystify the process and offer justifications for our recommendations. We also wish to educate institutional stakeholders of the important cultural history of bells so that they may value their bells more as a continuation of a long, rich history.

We promise to be transparent with our clients

  • The technology behind bell casting and mounting is archaic and esoteric. We promise to be upfront with clients on all of their feasible options and the limitations of their project and of our own knowledge and experience. When budgeting, we will keep in mind not only initial but also future costs, including maintenance, programming, and performing expenses.

We promise to help institutions use bells to further their mission

  • We promise to help institutions explore traditional and innovative ways of ringing their bells to engage their institutional and broader communities. We promise to keep the institutional mission high priority in designing bell performances and programs.