Community Bell Advocates, LLC can serve as consultants for your bell repair or installation job, assisting you from beginning to end, from scoping the work needed to inspecting the finished project. Our value is in making the entire process easier, more transparent, and more affordable for you. Bell repair work is a niche industry—let us help guide you through your options and ensure you receive excellent work at a fair price.

First, we can prepare you for the work to be done. We do this by:

  • visually inspecting your bells for cracks, corrosion, clapper scars, or other damage
  • examining the mounting hardware for damage
  • devising a scope of work based on your desires and budget

Next, we help you hire a bell firm. We do this by:

  • writing up a request for proposals
  • selecting bell foundries to bid from
  • managing the bidding process
  • soliciting references from former clients of bell firms
  • evaluating proposals and references of bell firms
  • recommending bell firm based on quality of work and price

After the bell firm has been contracted by you, we serve as your representative to them to ensure the job is done on specification and on time. We can advise you on the many questions or concerns that can come up in a bell project.

Finally, we will inspect the work after the bell firm has finished their project to ensure that it has been done as contracted.