Community Engagement

Community Bell Advocates, LLC can develop community engagement plans that will use your bells to support your institutional mission and participate more fully in the broader community. The sound of your bells is one of the first and most potent ways your institution communicates to your immediate neighbors, and we can help you to harness that power.

To develop these community engagement plans, we:

  • uncover existing community assets to leverage: activities, traditions, heritages, and communities
  • brainstorm, then refine concepts based on existing community assets and best practices
  • develop a roadmap for your institution to re-engage the community through the unique sounds, stories, and cultural history linked to your bells and tower

The outcomes of seeking to engage the community through your bells are many:

  • illuminate local history and cultural traditions that are tied to your bells, the tower, or the institution
  • re-establish a sense of community in the vicinity through the shared aural touchstone of the bell ringing
  • publicize your institution’s presence and mission in a pleasant, musical way