Historical Research

Community Bell Advocates, LLC can research the history and design of your tower bells. We can write up the results as a historical report, a webpage, or any other kind of format for your targeted audience. Our value is not only in telling you the unique story about your particular bells, but also their relation to other bells and institutions like yours. We can help you understand the larger picture of bell ringing and appreciate your bells’ place in it.

By examining the bell itself, we can determine:

  • age
  • previous owners
  • founder
  • donors
  • casting flaws
  • cracks and other damage
  • type and frequency of use of bell
  • weight
  • pitch
  • casting and ringing tradition

We also do historical and archival research to learn more about your bells. We conduct research online, in local archives, and through our network of bell experts from around the world.

Through archival research, we can determine:

  • previous owners
  • donors
  • sales and transfers
  • casting and ringing tradition

While we can tell you a lot about your bells, we do not provide appraisals of them. We can provide the names of other consultants who provide that service.