Performing and Teaching

Community Bell Advocates, LLC can perform on tower bell instruments and teach you how to play them. Once your bells are in good condition, we can help you do what bells are intended to do—ring! We specialize in performing and teaching on chimes and carillons, but we can also help with other musical matters.

Chimes and carillons are tower bell instruments comprising tuned bells, which are played from an oversized keyboard with large handles or batons.

For chimes and carillons, we can:

  • perform recitals on a serialized, holiday, or one-off frequency
  • arrange or compose music customized for your instrument and institution
  • teach lessons to individuals or groups on a weekly, monthly, or customized schedule to develop a self-sustaining program
  • teach master classes to pianists and organists new to the instrument

We can also assist you in taking full advantage of your bells rung by computer automation.

For automated bells, we can:

  • compose and arrange tunes suitable for your bells and institution
  • give a tutorial on programming your bell set