Bell Ringing Galore in Chicago

You’ve heard about the rare occurrence of planets lining up in the sky? There is a bell equivalent, which I’ll call “bell alignment,” in which you can hear two different sets of bells in a row from the same listening spot! And this Sunday, we will have the rare chance to hear a ring and a carillon–a truly fortuitous bell alignment–on the University of Chicago campus.

That star on the University of Chicago campus is the place to go on Sunday, September 29th. From noon-1 pm, you’ll hear a group of friends from the UK change ringing from Mitchell Tower (the diamond at 57th and University). From 1-2 pm, you’ll hear Joey Brink perform on the carillon at Rockefeller Memorial Chapel (the lower diamond). Please go for me and report back, since I can’t make it! Later, this same group will continue on to St. Paul’s of Riverside, a Chicago suburb, to ring their bells at 3 pm.

On Saturday, September 28th, yet another change ringing group from the UK, this one from St. Mary’s in Rawmarsh, near Sheffield, will be performing on the ring in Mitchell Tower from 10:30 am to 1 pm. I plan on listening and watching, and I’ll share some pics afterwards.

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