Bell Founding of Beit Chabab, Lebanon

This recent find about the last bell founder in Lebanon piqued my interest in bells in the middle east. I was intrigued by the explanation that the casting of big bells didn’t arrive in Lebanon until the Crusaders came through in the twelfth century.* Hadn’t they been making bells already for a long time? Yes,Continue reading “Bell Founding of Beit Chabab, Lebanon”

Silent Bells of Downtown Chicago

I’ve written about the digital bells you hear in downtown Chicago here and here, but there are other bells…real bronze bells, up in those tall skyscrapers. There’s some in the Metropolitan Tower, which is a blog post for another time, and there are four in the 11 South LaSalle Street Building, otherwise known as theContinue reading “Silent Bells of Downtown Chicago”

The Bell of the Great Chicago Fire

Dear loyal readers, I have a scrumptious treat to share with you! Remember Henry Rincker? Chicago’s own bell founder active in the mid-nineteenth century? We don’t know much about Rincker and his metallurgical output in Chicago, but we know he did cast a bell for the combined courthouse and city hall. This government building, constructedContinue reading “The Bell of the Great Chicago Fire”