St. James Episcopal Cathedral, Chicago, IL

St. James Episcopal Cathedral in the Near North Side Chicago neighborhood is known for its exquisite choir and organ music. Not surprisingly, they complete their sacral soundscape with bells. The talented and gracious Stephen Buzzard, the organist and choirmaster, showed me around one afternoon. The chimestand for the ten-bell chime was replaced many years agoContinue reading “St. James Episcopal Cathedral, Chicago, IL”

Chicago Bells on the Radio

Chicago’s Curious City radio show on WBEZ recently did a show on its city’s bells! The crew did a marvelous job showcasing the different kinds of bells still rung by people-zvons, rings, chimes, carillon, kansho, and rin gong. Yours truly was interviewed for the show, naturally. Take a listen. And check out the interactive graphic.

“The Bells of Stanford”

I’ve been thinking about Jonathan Sterne’s audiovisual litany and auricular beliefs lately, and it’s something I hope to post more about soon. But whether or not sound is more directly connected to our emotions, it can’t be denied that the sound of bells elicits emotions from listeners. This poem by a Stanford alum (class ofContinue reading ““The Bells of Stanford””