Two Chicago Bell Festivals in May

Friends, we have two bell festivals, one on change ringing and one on the carillon, coming up here in the month of May. First, the 6th Annual Illinois Tower Bell Bash will take place May 19-20. Ringers will gather to ring changes (what else?) at the Mitchell Tower at the University of Chicago on SaturdayContinue reading “Two Chicago Bell Festivals in May”

Plainfield United Methodist Church, Plainfield, IL

In the community of Plainfield, IL, just outside of Chicago, the Plainfield United Methodist Church expanded their historic chime into the fine carillon it is today. I’ve had the good fortune to visit this carillon a few times—to play and listen. Larry Stephens, parishioner and major donor for the instrument expansion, kindly showed us theContinue reading “Plainfield United Methodist Church, Plainfield, IL”

Change Ringing Illinois Bell Bash

In Chicagoland for Memorial Day weekend? Itching to see some change ringing in action? Check out the fourth annual Illinois Bell Bash! Hosted by the University of Chicago Guild of Change Ringers on Saturday, May 28th, guests may see and hear the bells in Mitchell Tower. Public tours will leave at 1 and 3 p.m.Continue reading “Change Ringing Illinois Bell Bash”

Tsar Bell Finally Rings

Update 4.18.16–and here is how the Tsar Bell sounds! The folks over at UC Berkeley have done it again–they’ve dreamed up a scintillating, beautiful project with bells at the core. See their “Natural Frequencies” and “Polartide” performances from recent years. And this project is happening TODAY at 12 p.m. PDT. You can catch it liveContinue reading “Tsar Bell Finally Rings”

Metal on Metal

(The pic above is fake. Two pictures of Bowie and Lemmy were photoshopped together.) What do you call Motörhead played on tower bells? Metal on metal, baby. Heavy metal. Sorry, not sorry. That joke is too easy. Perhaps you’ve heard that in Oslo, Norway the clock tower in the City Hall has been ringing outContinue reading “Metal on Metal”