Tsar Bell Finally Rings

Update 4.18.16–and here is how the Tsar Bell sounds! The folks over at UC Berkeley have done it again–they’ve dreamed up a scintillating, beautiful project with bells at the core. See their “Natural Frequencies” and “Polartide” performances from recent years. And this project is happening TODAY at 12 p.m. PDT. You can catch it liveContinue reading “Tsar Bell Finally Rings”

“The Bells of Stanford”

Whether or not sound is more directly connected to our emotions, it can’t be denied that the sound of bells elicits emotions from listeners. This poem by a Stanford alum (class of 1906) captures the emotional nostalgia he hears upon hearing the campus bells. (Also see Yale lyrics on their bells.) “The Bells of Stanford”Continue reading ““The Bells of Stanford””