Dartington Carillon Project

Dartington Carillon

Some ambitious types have been drawn in by the pull of bells hook, line, and sinker in Dartington, UK. They are planning to mount The Dartington Carillon—a multifaceted, community oriented carillon combining the magic and technology of bells. Just look at all the different things this project is supposed to include: working foundry, bell sculptures with innovative designs, poetry, performance space, visitor center. Really, if all of this is completed, it will be a futuristic vision of the carillon fully exploiting its community potential. Grandiose, indeed. Imagine the possibilities! There could possibly be carillon concerts with other instruments. Visitors could watch bells being cast, and I especially love the idea of letting visitors ring the bells themselves with leather mallets. I wonder where the proposed carillon console will be placed? I would be a great opportunity if the audience could see the carillon performer in action, as opposed to the typical carillon, in which the audience cannot see the performer enclosed high up in a tower.

I stumbled upon this project back in 2008, and I do not see what progress has been made in the interim. [Read Phil Ford’s blog post from that time here.] My email to one of the posted contacts bounced back, so I didn’t get any information from them. Any of you know more about this project?

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