Madonna della Strada Chapel, Loyola University, Chicago

Loyola University, Madonna Della Strada Chapel, Chicago, IL

Steve Betancourt and John Paul from the Madonna della Strada chapel at Loyola University kindly showed me their magnificent four swinging bells.

First off, check out that view of Lake Michigan!

Loyola University chapel
view from chapel entrance
Loyola University chapel
chapel interior
Loyola University Chapel
entrance mosaic

This tower had a lot of ladders. We screwed up our courage and climbed up there. The ladders didn’t give Steve the heebie jeebies about continuing up the belfry, but the spiders did.

Loyola University chapel
Madonna della Strada bell tower

And check out these beauties—shiny and sleek! Only three years old!

Loyola University chapel
Madonna della Strada bells

These bells mark time with the Madonna quarters, a melody composed by Steve. The third part of the melody is based on the Jesuit hymn “Take, Lord, Receive,” which is fitting since Loyola is a Jesuit university.

The fundraising efforts for these bells were reinvigorated after the priest of the church witnessed the incredible bells of Taizé, France while on a trip there. As you can see for yourself, listeners on the ground can watch the bells in full peal. It’s an excellent reminder that seeing and hearing bells up close is their best marketing tool.

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