Church of the Redeemer, Highwood, IL

In the spring of 2019, the Church of the Redeemer contacted us for help in re-mounting a historic bell hidden away for decades. Pastor Jay Greener presides over the blossoming congregation of the Church of the Redeemer, which had recently purchased a former church building turned fraternity club in Highwood, IL for their new worship location. When the fraternal club had moved into the former church decades ago, members had removed the original bell from the steeple, storing it in a garage.

Once the Church of the Redeemer purchased the building, news of the forgotten bell reached the new owners, who desired to mount it once again for their church and community. The bell was found and is now being prepared for use again.

Community Bell Advocates, LLC has helped the Church of the Redeemer through every step of the process. We helped identify potential bell firms, defined the scope of work, and managed the bidding process. We sought references and recommended the best bell firm for the job. We’ve assisted in more hands-on ways too. We helped box up the bell for shipment to the firm and secured a temporary bell rope to swing the bell while the church waits for their permanent rope to be made. As the building’s renovation is nearly finished, we await the finished bell to be hung up in the tower, anticipating and addressing all the details for its successful ringing on dedication day.

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