St. John Cantius Church, Chicago

In October 2018, a member of St. John Cantius Catholic Church hired us to research and write a historical report of their three separate sets of bells. St. John Cantius is known throughout the region for its large, far-ranging congregation, traditional Latin liturgy, and sumptuous sanctuary and music. The abundant use of tower and sanctuary bells complement the exquisite Masses, yet, the church wanted to know more about their bells. Who cast them? How do the bells connect to the history of this specific church, and the history of bells in the Catholic Church in general? Community Bell Advocates, LLC were able to answer these questions and more.

By researching primary and secondary documents, we were able to weave together a narrative of the acquisition of their bells and furthermore, the bells’ connection to centuries-old traditions within the Catholic Church. We confirmed the bells’ pitches and were able to correct an erroneous fact about their bells: we identified the true bell founder of their third set of bells. We hired a photographer to take professional, up-to-date photos of the bells. In the end, we provided long and short versions of a historical reportcomplete with photos to reveal the hidden bells, pitched to a Catholic lay audience—perfect for their extensive, informative website.