Bronzen Piano (with lead)

There are multiple successful mobile carillons today, each of which deserve a separate blog post, but one in particular caught my eye when reading the recent edition of the Bulletin of the Guild of Carillonneurs in North America.* The Bronzen Piano, owned and played by Koen Van Assche and Anna Maria Reverté, has a uniqueContinue reading “Bronzen Piano (with lead)”

What Should the Carillon Play?

Carillonneurs perform for incidental listeners largely unfamiliar with the instrument’s repertoire. Ask an average Jane on the street, “What are some famous carillon composers? Or carillon pieces?” And I bet you’ll get some blank stares. With the exception of an elite group of aficionados who really know their stuff, the vast majority of people inContinue reading “What Should the Carillon Play?”

The Sensation of Earth

NPR’s All Tech Considered on Monday tuned me into a recent bell performance at UC-Berkeley. “Natural Frequencies” features carillon bells played via a computer program that uses seismological data to generate the music. Two live carillon performers play the bells at the same time.That kind of project takes a lot of manpower, and a wholeContinue reading “The Sensation of Earth”

Nora Johnston, my Heroine

Nora Johnston is one of my heroines. She played the carillon at a time when men dominated the field. You can imagine the carillon scene at the time: big, strong men assertively striking the keys and pedals of the carillon. It was thought that the instrument required a level of physical exertion unbecoming for aContinue reading “Nora Johnston, my Heroine”