The Big Bell and the Little Bell

As a mother to a toddler daughter, I’ve already been scheming about how to inculcate the love of bells in her. This book may be just the ticket!

The Big Bell and the Little Bell cover
The Big Bell and the Little Bell cover

You can glance at the whimsical illustrations at The little underdog bell is chosen by the king to play for his wedding day, since the large bell made an irritating clanging noise at his coronation. The larger bell believed he was more important, but “Those who make the biggest noise/Aren’t always as important as they think.”

This book came out in 1954 and was a big hit. Anyone out there remember hearing this back then? (Anyone willing to admit they are that old?)

My reaction to the song is tepid. The melody doesn’t do it for me, and I find it odd that the big bell actually sounds harmonious, despite the story’s description. I can’t argue with the subject matter and the moral, though.

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