Our Mission

What message do you want to ring out to your community?

For over a millennium bells have signaled for timekeeping, public announcements, and religious gatherings. Today bells can do more by not only amplifying your sacred or secular message but also resonating with compelling messages from the community, nation, and world. Community Bell Advocates, LLC are bell consultants who can help you repair, perform on, and program your bells to uniquely communicate to your community.

Enlist our help to renew your tower bells as a distinct sonic calling card and messaging tool.

Recent Projects

St. Chrysostom's Episcopal Church, Chicago, IL
St. Chrysostom’s Church, Chicago, IL
Church of the Redeemer, Highwood, IL
Church of the Redeemer, Highwood, IL
Large Bell of Niles, Illinois
Leaning Tower of Niles, IL

Our Community

Who are you trying to reach with your message?

Community Bell Advocates, LLC can help you–whether a church, municipality, or university–direct your messages to those within and outside your walls.

We can help you plan the use of your bells so that they register with the diversity of community members within hearing range: whether for religious holidays from multiple faiths, local or national holidays, celebrations of local ethnic or cultural groups, commemorations, and more.

Hire Us

For one or more of our services

Kim Schafer crating up bell for Church of the Redeemer, Highwood, IL
  • We research the history of your bells
  • We advise on the repair and installation of your bells
  • We perform on and teach tower bell instruments
  • We engage the community through our programming roadmaps

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